Shadow We Cast

We are the Leader of our Life

mindset Oct 12, 2023

The Shadow We Cast

“What kind of shadow do you cast on yourself and others? From the smallest of actions to the grandest ones, there is a legacy left in our wake.”

-Katherine Breuss

The three simple questions we are going to explore throughout this article are:

  • Do I experience well-being and peace of mind regularly?
  • Do I create and direct my life in a positive way?
  • Do I connect and engage in healthy relationships with others and myself?

True success in life boils down to whether or not you are experiencing these 3 qualities:

  • Well-being
  • Clarity
  • Connection

Imagine the shadow you cast when all of these qualities are present, and imagine the shadow you cast when they are not.

On paper or at first glance, many people will be put under the category of ‘successful,’ but when you go behind the scenes you find that their success is at a cost. For some, it is health, work/life balance, and family; for others it is anger, distrust and fear. There can be many costs associated with what we deem as ‘success,’ but what if I were to tell you it didn’t have to be that way. Success doesn’t need to come at a price.

Before we move forward, what is success? Well, success means different things to different people. This is something for you to define for yourself, but the difference that makes the difference is that success doesn’t need to come at a cost to your well-being, clarity and relationships., ultimately to your quality of life.

Now some of you maybe saying, ‘Hang on a minute, how will well-being, direction and healthy relationships get me out of debt or deal with a tragedy or get me through a trauma or lose weight or find a job or handle all of the challenges thrown at me?” Well, here’s how…

Let’s take the example ‘getting out of debt.’ Do you think you are in a better position to get out of debt experiencing life with well-being or stress; clarity or confusion; disengagement or connection, and regardless of that, how would you rather experience getting out of debt? I know which one I would choose.

Imagine if you wanted to lose weight but you felt pressure, guilt and fear whilst not knowing the right path to take and on top of that you didn’t feel connected to yourself and to those around you. How successfully would you be in this scenario?

I can go on and on with any ‘challenge’ presented as not only do we have a better chance to succeed when we are operating in a space of well-being, clarity and connection, but it will also be way more enjoyable than the alternative!

Some of you may say that your life currently isn’t successful but instead a complete shambles. Well, the same is true for you. How likely will it be for you to move towards what you deem a more successful life if you are in a state of fear, stress, anxiety, anger, confusion and loneliness? I would say rather unlikely.

But when we look inside and see our well-being, our clarity and our connectedness life not only looks very different but we begin to move in the direction that is right for us… our own success. This is when we truly THRIVE.

The key to leading a thriving life are two things:

  1. Understand at a universal level how we experience life
  2. Understand how we as individuals connect to the world around us

When we understand these 2 things, we begin to see our well-being, access our wisdom that brings forth clarity and we become more connected to what we want and what is right for us. Overall, our experience of life is enhanced and our life is more purposeful allowing for fulfillment and peace of mind.

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